Hoping to compete with Apple’s Siri, Cortana, and Google NOW, the Sandfox contains digital assistant technology enhanced with artificial intelligence (AI). The technology, named Silvia, will learn from voice-activated commands on how to become more “human”, making the Sandfox the smartest of all smartwatches.

Las Vegas, NV January 2nd, 2017 – Her name is Silvia, a feminine-sounding acronym for a computer program that is arguably the smartest digital assistant in the word. While Apple’s Siri program was the first digital assistant to give a voice and lend a hand to help us manage our digital task, she never learned from her interactions with humans. Silvia, by contrast, with her AI brainpower, will learn from every voice-command how to become more efficient in her tasks and how to become more “human”. The result – Sandfox owners will use the watch less often as an intelligent timepiece more often as a digital assistant.

Silvia, which stands for Self Instructional and Linguistically Variable Intelligent Algorithms, is the digital brain that runs the Sandfox, a smartwatch making its national debut on January 6th, during the 2017 Consumer Electronics (CES) tradeshow in Las Vegas, NV. Mikevision Technologies, the manufacturer of the Sandfox, saw a huge need in the wearable tech industry that the market leader was not fulfilling. "Our first goal was to create a phone-connected smartwatch so Apple Watch users would no longer have to carry around two smart devices,” said Mike Ehouman, CEO of Mikevision Technologies. "To convince consumers to use just one device we had to pack it with tons of features, phone connectivity, and an AI brain that learns from the owner's behavior in real-time”.

The result - a smartwatch that takes phone calls, keeps you connected with your virtual world, and becomes more “human” every time you use it to send an email, surf the web, launch an app, snap a selfie, or call a friend. Every time you use the Sandfox, Silvia will track and learn from your behavior so the next time you repeat a task, she’ll create a shortcut to save you time.

In addition, Silvia will learn natural speaking patterns from your voice commands to become more "human" in how she talks, acts, and behaves. AI scientists call this contextual awareness. It occurs when an AI-powered computer program understands a voice command literally and contextually, giving the program the ability to communicate using natural language (not computer-speak). Over time, as her learning curve grows, you will begin to feel as if you’re having a conversation with a human being named Silvia when you’re really speaking with a computer program embedded in the Sandfox smartwatch.

While contextual awareness and real-time learning are exciting features of the Sandfox, its apps and hardware capabilities are also impressive. With 16 Mbits of storage, Wi-Fi connectivity, a SIM card and Android Wear, the Sandfox is a true wrist-based computing platform. In addition, it has two cameras, one for low-resolution Skype or Facebook video calls, and a second, 5 Megapixel camera for high-resolution photography. Because the watch comes with a hard drive, you can also download and play your favorite MP3 songs using your Bluetooth earphones (you do not need an ITunes account to listen to music on the Sandfox).

While it will not be available for sale until after its official launch at CES 2017, wearable tech enthusiasts were asked to review an early version of the Sandfox in the summer of 2016. “I’m really impressed by the design and the AI,” said reviewer Sylvain Cardin. “I’m always losing or dropping my smart phone. With the Sandfox, this will never happen again because my smart device will always be attached to my wrist. I’m definitely buying one!”

Others were impressed by the watch's multimedia ecosystem. When it goes on sale in mid-January, the Sandfox will be bundled with a powerful Bluetooth speaker and pico projector. The pico projector is a pocket-sized LED presentation tool that can be used to deliver a "wow" factor at any sales meeting. It can take a PowerPoint presentation stored on the watch’s hard drive and project it as a high-definition, six foot tall image onto any available surface. If you store family photos or videos on the Sandfox drive, you can project them onto a wall in your living room to entertain relatives during the holidays.

While it’s a feature you will hopefully never use, the Sandfox has an SOS button. When it’s pressed, Silvia will instantly call 3 preprogrammed phone numbers, e.g., local police, paramedics, and a family member. Recipients of the calls will be informed that you’re having an unspecified emergency, they’ll be given your home address, and thanks to GPS tracking, first responders will even know precisely where you are located in your house in case you’re unconscious and unable to speak.

Virginia Fruh, a Sandfox reviewer said: “Finally, just what I’ve been waiting for - a piece of technology that’s beautiful and can actually make life easier to manage, I no longer need two smart devices. I love the pico sales presentation tool as well. I can definitely use on the road.”

The Sandfox smartwatch includes the following features:
  • Full Android OS
  • Built in Wi-Fi/Bluetooth
  • Built-in GPS
  • 16 GB of Storage
  • Lighting fast dual core processor
  • Two cameras, one for Skype and Facebook
    video calls, a second 5 megapixel camera for high-resolution photography and HD video
  • Wi-Fi
  • long-lasting battery (up to 24 hours on a single charge)
  • SIM card
  • SOS button
  • Multimedia ecosystem, including Bluetooth speaker and pico projector
  • 10 unique models (watch faces)

To enter a drawing for a free Sandfox smartwatch (winner will be announced during CES 2017), please visit the following link: www.SandfoxWatch.com
Media inquiries, please call Gary Gabriel, PR manager for Mikevision Technologies, at (510) 677-2947.