Las Vegas, NV, January 1st, 2017 – Hoping to provide couch potatoes, gamers, and internet surfers an all-inclusive multimedia center, high tech product design firm Mikevision Technologies will launch the Eyris home theater system at CES 2017.

The Eyris was designed to address the growing need for preconfigured web-enabled home theater, allowing users to watch a high-definition (Hi-Def) movie from a Blu-ray DVD player and switch seamlessly to a computer desktop, where they can write an email, launch a Skype call, or watch videos on YouTube. With Eyris, home theater owners will no longer have to go through the hassle, expense, or security risk of connecting their laptop to their television buying an Apple TV media streamer or purchasing a Smart TV.

Besides offering home theater owners a sleek, beautifully-designed, single resource for all their multimedia needs, the Eyris also comes with a hi-tech incentive straight out of Star Wars - a holographic projection and display technology that creates the illusion of depth perception without the need for 3D glasses. Everything you see that passes through the Eyris holographic projector - from movie characters to computer applications – will appear to float in front of the screen with the naked eye. No glasses are needed. But if you want to watch a 3D movie with 3D glasses, the system’s holographic technology will make your viewing experience even more realistic.

"We set out to design an elegant, single device that's both a desktop computer and a home theater," said Mike Ehouman, CEO of Mikevision Technologies. "But we also wanted to improve what people would see on the screen so we invented a holographic projection and image display that brings everything to life."

For a device with so many features and components, The Eyris has a surprisingly simple, futuristic look with almost all its components located in a white sphere at the base of a 65 inch screen (a drastic contrast to the cluttered home theatre systems in many homes). The Eyris comes with a Windows 10 operating system, a keyboard, a wireless air mouse with a microphone for voice commands, a 3D sound system, and an Android tablet for PC-based games, internet access, Skype and Facebook video calls and mirrorcasting (which allows you to share your screen with everyone else in the room).

While the first Eyris units sold after its CES launch will be equipped with smart technology that acts on voice commands to launch applications, by June of 2016, the system will be powered by an artificially intelligent (AI) digital assistant. The AI technology, called SILVIA (an acronym for Self Instructional and Linguistically Variable Intelligent Algorithms) is a self-learning digital assistant, a smarter version of Apple's SIRI computer program.

Certain to drop jaws and deliver a wow factor when it debuts at CES 2017 is the Eyris holographic projection and display technology. Because of the way light is projected and refracted in the acrylic material of the 65 inch screen, movies and desktop images will have a sharpness and illusion of depth with the naked eye that's truly astonishing. Also, because the acrylic screen is transparent, you can watch a movie in an Eyris home theater system on both sides of the screen. Designers and coders at Mikevision promise that the next generation of Eyris will have no screen whatsoever. Viewers will watch standard 2k HD, 4K Ultra HD, and 3D movies projected directly into the air.

Designers at Mikevision promises to impress internet surfers, gamers, and home theater enthusiasts at CES 2017 with Eyris 1.0 and outdo themselves again next year with a smarter, screen-less, holographic Eyris 2.0 at CES 2018.

About Mikevision - Mikevision Technologies is a high tech product design company with offices in Geneva Switzerland, New York, and Shenzhen, China. Led by Swiss designers and engineers from the EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) and coding experts from the gaming industry, the company’s mission is to create new products that fill a consumer need with cutting edge technology and elegance in design.

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