The hottest marketing tools this fall are online video and video SEO (video search engine optimization).  Video is immersive,  prospects can see and hear satisfied customer testimonials or watch a product's features and benefits "in action". 

While these traditional benefts of video are familiar to many business owners, what is unfamiliar and exciting to many is video SEO, a process by which a video is driven to the top of search results, often generating a dramatic increase in new leads for companies with compelling videos and a compelling CTA (call-to-action).

Because Google's new algorithms assign high ranking authority  to professionally produced, relevant video content, and because so few companies have produced relevant videos about their products or services, your video has an opportunity to rise quickly to the  top of search results for your most valuable keywords.

If you already have video content you want search-optimized, our monthly fees for video SEO management vary depending upon the number of videos you have and he number of keywords you want to dominate.  If you need original videos produced for your company, our Emmy-winning team can manage the entire creative process for you, from script writing, to field production and post production (editing), Website integration, and video SEO. 

Because lead generation is an integral part of the value we deliver to clients, we also offer an industry-leading, performance-based guarantee or "VGuaranee". Our VGuaranee ensures that within 90 days, your video SEO program will generate customers and prove its ability to eventually pay for itself.  If you do not receive enough new customers within 90 days that prove the eventual return on your investment (ROI), Vmatrix will write you a check for your entire investment.  No other company in either the video production and SEO industries has a performance-based guarantee. 

If you're interested in learning more about our video production or video SEO services, please fill out the form to the right. We'll respond with a free video SEO opportunity audit of your business. Your audit will tell you precisely how your business will benefit from video SEO, including a list of keywords your videos can dominate easily (sometimes within a few weeks), the type of video (customer testimonial, product demo, etc.) that will be most successful in your niche, and how much additional traffic and new customers your company will receive through a video SEO lead generation program.

We look forward to helping you tell your company's story with video from the top of Google search results for your most powerful keywords.


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Video Marketing in 2013 - Infographic